Atkins Elementary 2017-2018


Heritage Propane School Days Program

Heritage Propane has started a School Days Program for AES to earn money from Heritage Propane receipts. AES will earn $.02 for every gallon shown on the receipts. Ask your family, neighbors, and businesses if they use propane and will donate their propane receipts to you for AES. Please bring these original propane receipts to school and we will collect them. Thank you!

EXXON Donation for AES

Mr. Gary Roberts received a check from Exxon's Arnolds's Exxon in Atkins for the Exxon Mobil Educational Alliance Program.

AES recently received a check for $500 from the Exxon Mobil Educational Alliance Program, sponsored by Arnold's EXXon in Atkins. The approval letter states that, "Exxon Mobil has a long history of supporting educational programs, like Educational Alliance, that focus on improvements in math and science from pre-school to higher education. We believe it is fundamentally important to encourage the next generation to pursue studies and careers involved in these fields." Thank you Exxon Mobil and Aronlds's Exxon!

AES Donates to the Salvation Army Red Kettles Drive

The AES students & staff collected money for the Red Kettles Drive.

Photo shared by Linda Burchette, "Smyth County News & Messenger".

The AES students, staff, and community collected donations for the Annual Salvation Army's Red Kettles Drive. They collected $1,000, which was double their last year's collections. The community keeps 90% of these donations which help with requests of eyeglasses, food, prescriptions, electricity bills, and heating oil. Principal Gary Roberts said, "It's been a collaborative effort within the community, staff, and students." Students gave up their ice cream and snack money to add to the red kettle in the lobby. Students who donated at least 50 cents, had their names put on ribbons, which were tied to the fence in front of the school. Community folks added to the donations. The students also had a Christmas Store, where they could buy gifts for their families. Special thanks to Mr. Roberts, Theresa McGhee, Jane Leaman, and Kami Blevins for organizing the program and activities.

Thanks to Utility Trailer Manufacturing

Utility Trailer Manufacturing employees presenting Mr. Roberts with a check.

The employees of the Utility Trailer Manufacturing Plant in Atkins, VA, decided to share their good fortune with the county and area schools. They decided instead of having a performance based meal on the 4th week, to donate the value of the plant wide meal to charitable causes. So, each month over 1,100 employees decided to assist with two local causes: Public Schools and Senior Citizens. This month Atkins Elementary received these donations. AES sends a big "Thank You" to Utility Trailer Manufacturing employees!!

AES 2017 Veterans' Day Assembly

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Project Fit America

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"Atkins Elementary School has received new indoor and outdoor fitness equipment thanks to a grant from the Wellmont Foundation and Children's Miracle Network. The grant brings the Project Fit America model student health and fitness program to Atkins Elementary students. The program provides state-of-the art fitness equipment, curriculum, and on-site teacher training. The school celebrated the receipt of the equipment with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on September 29."
...from the SCSB webpage

Special Games Day

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