Welcome to the Headline Generator

This page demonstrates a simple Natural Language Generator (NLG) application. Given the names of the winning and losing teams in a football game, along with their scores, the app will generate a simple headline. The verb in the headline is based on the margin of victory. Enter some data, then click the Try It button to see the headlines generated by the program. Click the Try It button multiple times with the same data, to see it choose a different random verb. Note that it is possible for the app to choose the same random verb multiple times in a row.

At this stage of development, the Headline Generator app is not very robust. It doesn't do any validation on the scores. In other words, you could enter a losing score that is greater than the winning score, or enter non-numerical values for the scores, and the app won't complain. It will just treat the margin of victory as a close score and go ahead and generate a headline.

The Headline Generator can't do anything with subject-verb agreement, either. It assumes you are going to enter a singular noun as the subject (Chilhowie High, MSHS, etc.). If you enter a plural noun, like Panthers, it will still select a singular verb.

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