Student Enrollment Requirements

By Terry Hawthorne

Instructions for pre-registering new students for the coming school year are here. Be sure to read those instructions and the following information on the minimum information requirements before you start enrolling students.

When enrolling a student in any Smyth County public school, you must, at minimum, enter the following data.

DataLocation in PowerSchoolNote
First Name, Middle Name, and Last NameEnrollment Wizard or DemographicsWhen enrolling a student for the first time, you are prompted to enter the student's name in the enrollment wizard. If you need to make corrections, go to the General Demographics page. You should never enter a comma or period as part of a student's name. For example, if a student is named John Doe, Jr., enter Doe Jr in the last name field. The reason for this is that we have to export student data in Comma-Separated Value (CSV) files for a variety of purposes, and having that extra comma in a name throws off the export.
Student NumberEnrollment Wizard or DemographicsIf you leave this blank, PowerSchool is supposed to automatically assign a number. We have had problems with this functionality, so I created a web application to generate student numbers. You can access it at Just click the Get Student ID button to generate a number, then copy and paste that number into the student number field in the Powerschool Student Enrollment Wizard. If you ever need to change a student number, go to the Demographics page.
Date of BirthDemographicsPlease double-check all birth dates as you enter them. The few seconds it takes to double-check DOBs will save a lot of time, because incorrect birthdates can result in errors on state reporting and students being assigned new state testing IDs when they already have an existing STI.
Address and Phone NumberDemographicsConfirm the correct spelling of the street address at If your spelling doesn't match the official street name spelling, we can't use Smyth County's GIS mapping capabilities to accurately place student addresses on a map. There should not be any commas or periods in these addresses.
EthnicityDemographicsUnder the federal race/ethnicity reporting standards that took effect in July 2010, ethnicity is a yes/no response to the question: Are you Hispanic or Latino? In PowerSchool, this defaults to N, so be sure to change it for your Hispanic students.
RaceDemographicsStudent may choose to identify with one or more of the five races listed on the Demographics page. There is no default value here, and Virginia does not accept blank values. Failing to enter a race code will prevent a student from receiving a state testing ID and prevent us submitting the Fall, March 31, and End-of-Year Student Record Collections; plus any other uploads that require the state testing ID, such as Interactive Achievement or PALS.
Scheduling/Reporting EthnicityDemographicsThis is the old ethnic reporting framework that was in use before July 2010. We still need it for some applications.

Additional Requirements

In addition to the above requirements, there are additional requirements based on student grade level or other factors.

DataLocation in PowerSchoolNote
PK Experience CodeState/Province-VA (also called Virginia Student Record Collection Page)Mandatory for all students in preK and kindergarten.
PK Weekly Time CodeState/Province-VA (also called Virginia Student Record Collection Page)Mandatory for all students in preK and kindergarten.

How to Pre-register Students for the Next School Year

To pre-register a student for the upcoming school year, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into the appropriate school.
  2. Navigate to Start Page-->School-->Years & Terms and verify that the Years & Terms for the upcoming school year have been created. I have created all terms for elementary schools that have kindergarten students, but not for any other schools. The only term that is necessary for pre-registering students in the full year term.
  3. Change the term at the top of the page to the year term for the upcoming school year.
  4. Navigate to Start Page-->Special Functions--> Enroll New Student.
  5. Populate the fields. For enrollment date, enter the first day of next year's school year, which is tentatively set for 08/15/2013 for the 2013-2014 school year. Also, verify that the grade level and school are correct for the upcoming school year.
  6. Submit the page.

Correctly pre-registering students will create a student record with an enroll status of -1 (Pre-Registered). It also creates a pending enrollment that will become active during nightly process at 12 am on the date entered on the "Enroll New Student" page.

Incorrect pre-registering can cause enrollment summary issues. Students that are incorrectly pre-registered may receive and enroll status of 0 (Active) and will be promoted during End-of-Year (EOY) process. They will also receive a dual enrollment and re-enrollment record resulting in duplicate numbers on the enrollment summary report.