Minutes of the May 12, 2008 Gifted Advisory Board Meeting

Mr. Dave Bockes opened the meeting. Kelley Gray, MIS parent representative, read the minutes from the previous meeting. Mr. Danny Newman, MSHS Principal, welcomed everyone to Marion Senior High School.

Mr. Dave Bockes announced the retirement of Mrs. Ann Gillespie, Enrichment Teacher at MIS and MMS. He also explained the objectives of the Gifted Program, which are Identification, Delivery, Curriculum Development, Professional Development, and Parent and Community Involvement.

Dr. Linda Baker thanked all present for the opportunity to work with this program. She spoke about how we teach students by sharing facts, increasing knowledge and giving tests of understanding. She then explained how gifted students receive additional opportunities and need challenges to apply this new knowledge as they analyze and synthesize data and evaluate results as well as themselves. She spoke of the challenge of Asynchronous Development, as demonstrated by her interaction with a kindergarten student who had visited Tweetsie Railroad.

Two Marion Senior High School Destination Imagination (Dl) teams were introduced as "Problem-Solvers". They handed out a problem to each attendee, entitled "Obstacles of Course". Advisory Board members were asked to imagine that they were part of a team who had to solve this problem. Then the Technical Dl team demonstrated how they solved this problem by creating a robotic vehicle that navigated obstacles while circus performers "in training" entertained the audience non-verbally using colorful costuming and creative set design. The Improv Dl team explained how the Dl Program is set up and the process of Regional, State and Global Competitions. Dl students in attendance were: Wes Mershon, Chandler Hopkins, Brittany Clawson, Gray Graham, Tanner Glenn, Katie Dishner, Henry Evans, Addison Ratliff, Nick Groseclose and Brendan Udomratanavasi. Not present was Kathryn McNeil. These students and their sponsors answered questions from the audience regarding how to start a Dl team and how much time is required to participate.

Antoinette Goodrich made a proposal that a letter be sent from our school district to the Governor's School in Pulaski, requesting consideration of a later start time based on students' need for sleep. She quoted research on the dangers of sleep deprivation, including poor nutrition, lower test scores and depression. The motion was passed to send the letter.

Gretchen Armstrong, parent representative from NMS and RVES, suggested a county-wide "Meet and Greet" to facilitate networking among gifted students in the county.

Mr. Dave Bockes adjourned the meeting.