Minutes of the May 21, 2007 Gifted Advisory Board Meeting

Mr. Jeff Cassell, Principal of Rich Valley Elementary School, welcomed everyone to his school for the spring meeting of the Gifted Advisory Board on May 21,2007.

Mrs. Antoinette Goodrich, Chairperson, called the meeting to order. Libby Roberts, Secretary, read the minutes from the previous meeting. The minutes were then approved.

We were entertained with vocal performances by Micaela Vaughn and Laken Loupe, seventh grade students from Northwood Middle School.

Dr. Linda Baker, Gifted Supervisor, addressed the Gifted Program Objectives, Activities, and Expected Results.

Dr. Robinson, Superintendent, announced two new positions added to the School Board. Mr. Jeff Cassell would be Director of Finance and Mr. Kyle Rhodes would be Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Robinson expressed his appreciation toward all who worked to make the Gifted Program a wonderful experience for Smyth County students.

Mr. Dave Bockes, Director of Elementary Education, thanked Linda Baker, Amy Wheeler, Sue Tilson, and Katherine Morelock for nurturing the talents of the students. He acknowledged the expansion of Distance Learning Courses as well as Dual Credit Courses. He encouraged students to attend Vantage as well as summer enrichment classes.

Julie Sturgill was concerned about the procedures of some teachers related to the work students miss when they attend ERP classes during school. Some teachers require all work to be made up, while others do not. Mr. Bockes will establish a committee to look into this matter.

Antoinette Goodrich then adjourned the meeting.