Minutes of the Nov. 9, 2006 Gifted Advisory Board Meeting

Mr. Mike Sturgill, principal of Chilhowie Middle School, welcomed everyone to his school for the fall meeting of the Gifted Advisory Board on November 9,2006.

Ms. Linda Baker, Gifted Coordinator, introduced visitors and proceeded with elections of new officers for the 2006-2007 school year. Antoinette Goodrich was elected Chairperson and Libby Roberts was elected Secretary.

Libby Roberts read the minutes from the spring meeting.

Mrs. Robin Grossman, a representative from Emory & Henry College, spoke about the Summer Scholars Program. Amanda Barbrow, Savannah Hunt, and Tylor Franklin, students from Northwood Middle School used a PowerPoint presentation to highlight their experiences of this enrichment opportunity.

Mrs. Laura Hall, Parent of the Year of the Virginia Association for the Gifted, spoke on the State of the Gifted. She informed us that acceleration of gifted students is at a crossroad. Possible suggestions for future acceleration could mean beginning kindergarten at age 3 or pre-testing in a particular subject and moving on to the next level before the end of the grade.

Marion Senior High School students Larry Bowman and Chase Morgan spoke about attending Governor's School at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Mrs. Amy Wheeler, Enrichment Teacher, gave a synopsis of the National Association for the Gifted Conference. This conference was held in Charlotte, NC in early November. Mrs. Wheeler elaborated on the need to serve these gifted students not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well.

Mr. Jim Sullivan, superintendent, delivered some closing remarks. He was very appreciative of the collaborative effort of everyone involved with the Gifted Program in Smyth County. With enhanced staffing and resources, he encouraged continual effort by everyone to keep Smyth County's Gifted Program a model in the state.

Special presentations were given by Mr. Mike Sturgill and Mr. Dennis Carter. Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Reedy were presented with a bouquet of "sweet treats" as well as good wishes as they retire.

Final comments were given by Antoinette Goodrich and the meeting was adjourned.