What is the Enrichment Revolving Door?

The Enrichment Revolving Door is a locally funded program that consists of placing high achieving students into a pull-out program with identified gifted children. Students participating in the Revolving Door Program can be selected to participate in one or more units of study. Revolving Door students are not identified gifted students, but students found eligible will receive enrichment services that will help to promote their academic talents.

Revolving Door Selection Process

  1. Classroom teachers are asked to recommend students based on classroom performance.
  2. ERP (Enrichment Resource Program) teachers compile a list of potential candidates from (1) the most recent test scores, (2) Standards of Learning test results, and (3) teacher recommendations.
  3. Teacher recommendation and test scores relate to student achievement in mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies.
  4. All testing information and teacher recommendations are placed on a matrix. The ERP teacher then performs an evaluation of the data.
  5. Students receiving an overall percentage of no less than 80% of the total points from the matrix analysis are placed into a pool of candidates who are eligible to participate in the respective unit of study.
  6. ERP classes are filled first with students who are Identified Gifted (Total or Specific Area Identification). Then students who have the highest percentage of total points form the matrix will be invited to participate in the program on a "highest score until the class is filled" basis. The ERP "pool of candidates" will rank students from 100% of the total points down to 80% of the total points. ERP teachers will take as many students as possible until the class is full.