2017-18 Enrichment Units

Unit 1 - Middle Ages: Social Studies

Students will be invited on a magical journey to the Middle Ages of Europe, traveling back to the early days of knights and castles. They will discover why the MIddle Ages used to be called the Dark Ages. Along the way, they will compare “Then and Now,” to relate how times have changed or stayed the same. Students will be asked to showcase their growing knowledge by completing projects such as castle creation, coat of arms, role-playing daily life, and sharing personal interest from this era in History.

Unit 2 - Architects of Learning: Math

Students will investigate the elements of interior and structural design. They will apply math skills in geometry, measurement, scale and proportion to create three dimensional models. Interest driven projects may be influenced by historical concepts and/or modern advances in Architecture.

Unit 3 - Shakespeare Festival: Language Arts

Students will learn about Shakespeare and Elizabethan pageantry through the activities in this unit. They will create multiple elements of the Shakespearean influence to include but not limited to puppet shows, costume design, banquets of that time, all complete with contest and jesters. The language of the period will be incorporated into daily activities.

Unit 4 - Astronomy: Science

Students will take a journey through space and explore the solar system, space travel, and the history and advancements in Astronomy. Through a variety of simulations, students will discover mysteries of space similar to the work done at NASA.


As always, if you have suggestions or concerns, please let us know. We would love to involve community resource people and experts in order to make the units realistic and applicable to the students' lives. If you know anyone that may be interested in speaking or sharing knowledge, please let us know.
Thank you for your support and assistance.
Smyth County's Enrichment Resource Staff