Switching From Ipswitch Webmail to Google Apps

By Terry Hawthorne

We deployed the Ipswitch webmail client so that School Board employees could check their email from home or other locations when they were away from their main computer. While at work, School Board employees should use Microsoft Outlook for email. If you are an Outlook user, please see this article on how to make the transition to Google Apps. If you did use Ipswitch webmail as your main email client, you need to set up an email account in Outlook to retrieve your old emails. Setting this account up will ensure that you have a copy of these old messages when the existing email server stops working. Please follow these steps to set up your Outlook account.

Ipswitch Contacts

A number of people have used the Ipswitch webmail client to store contacts. Google Apps provides a very flexible means of importing contacts; however, Ipswitch doesn't provide any method for a user or even an administrator to easily export contact information to be imported into another program. (That's one of the reasons I discouraged people from using Ipswitch webmail as their main email and contacts client.) Ipswitch stores everyone's contacts in a Microsoft Access database. I have downloaded that database from the email server and developed a query to extract individual users' contacts in a form that you can import into Google Apps. If you have 15 or more contacts in Ipswitch and would like me to send you those contacts for importing into Google Apps, please send me an email. I will run that query and send the import files as my time permits. Here is a tutorial on how to upload the resulting file into Google Apps.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook. If you don't have an email account set up in Outlook, it will open the New Email Account Setup Wizard.
  2. Select POP3 as the email server type.
  3. Microsoft Outlook screenshot.

  4. Use the settings pictured below to set up the account.

    Microsoft Outlook email settings screenshot.

  5. Click the More Settings… button and enter the following on the General Tab.

    Microsoft Outlook email settings screenshot.

  6. Click the Outgoing Server tab and enter the following settings.

    Microsoft Outlook email settings screenshot.

  7. Click OK to close the More Settings dialog box.
  8. Finish the rest of the steps in the New Email Account Wizard.

Once the wizard finishes, Outlook will download your messages from the old email server. Please note that if you have set up folders for various types of email in the webmail client, Outlook may not download messages in those folders. You may have to move messages from those folders back into your main mailbox to get them to download.

Important Notice About the Existing Email Server

Our existing email server runs Ipswitch's iMail software. Our support contract for that software expired at midnight on Oct. 13, 2010. The server will continue to run without a support contract, but it won't be eligible for any antispam updates or any other type of support. This server is also several years old, and we do not plan to keep it running beyond January 1, 2011, or earlier if it should experience a hardware failure. For that reason, I urge you to use the procedure described at the top of this page to set up an Outlook POP3 account that will retrieve your messages from this server. I am going to download a copy of all users' mailboxes for emergency use. If you fail to get your messages downloaded into Outlook, I can send you your mailbox from this download, but it will be in a raw text file format that will be difficult to use.