Welcome to Google Apps

For the past few months, we have been working on the transition to Google Apps, Google's cloud-based email, calendaring, and collaboration software. (Cloud-based means that your mail, calendar, and any documents you create in Google Apps are maintained in Google's cloud infrastructure, which you can access from any computer or other device with Internet access.)

Google Apps Howtos


How to Change Your Google Apps Password

  1. Go to our Google Apps login page and log in. The first time you log in, you will have to enter the text displayed in a captcha, a picture that displays a phrase in a distorted text that a computer program cannot read. The purpose of the captcha is to prevent people from creating thousands of Google Apps accounts they could use for malicous purposes.
  2. After logging in, go to your mailbox and click the Settings link.

    Screenshot of Google Gmail Settings link.

  3. Click the Accounts link on the Settings screen.

    Screenshot of Google Accounts link.

  4. Click the Google Account settings link.

    Screenshot of Google Accounts link.

  5. Click the Change Password link on the next screen.
  6. Enter your password and the new password, then click the Change Password button to confirm the change.

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How to Log Into Google Apps for the First Time

You cannot log into your SCSB Google Apps Education Edition account from a regular GMail login screen. You must use the login screen that has a link under Admin on www.scsb.org. You can also reach that login screen by clicking here.

  1. Enter your username and your temporary password and click Submit.
  2. For the first-time login only, Google will present you with a captcha challenge.

    Screenshot of Google Apps login captcha challenge.

  3. To login, you have to enter the distorted letters displayed in the captcha. Also note that Google clears the text you entered in the password field, so you have to re-enter your password. After entering the captcha text and your password, click Sign in.
  4. If you did not enter the captcha text correctly, Google will display another captcha challenge. You will also have to re-enter your password. Keep repeating this process until you get the captcha right.

The reason Google requires you to successfully enter a captcha on your first login attempt is to discourage cyber-hoodlums from writing software to create large numbers of Google Apps accounts that they could use for malicious purposes. The idea behind the captcha challenge is that only a human can read and enter the captcha text.

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