Minutes of the December 16, 2002 meeting of the Smyth County School Board, as approved by the School Board at its January 13th, 2003 meeting

Marion, Virginia
December 16, 2002

The Smyth County School Board met today for a budget work session with the following members present: Phillip Hopkins, James H. Campbell, Jesse Choate, Charles Doane, Paul Grinstead, and Laura Hall.

Terry Hawthorne, Director of Technology, reviewed past year overages in salary and benefits and current year 2002-2003 projected status.

Jim R. Sullivan discussed past year overages in vendor payments.

Mr. Campbell read the report received from the auditors regarding payment of invoices and carry-over payroll.

Dr. Winters reviewed some suggested goals by category for reducing the 2002-2003 operations budget.

Dr. Winters reviewed with the board State Operations Budget Entitlements for 2002-2003 and 2003-2004.

Dr. Winters reviewed the capital outlay projects schedule and the capital outlay budget obligations for 2003-2004.

Mr. Campbell reviewed the June 2002 revenue and expenditure summaries.

On motion of Mr. Choate, seconded by Mr. Campbell, the meeting was adjourned.