Minutes of the January 6th, 2005 meeting of the Smyth County School Board, as approved by the School Board at its January 10th, 2005 meeting

Marion, Virginia
January 6, 2005

The Smyth County School Board met today in a continued meeting at 3:00 P.M., with the following members present: Jesse Choate, Laura Hall, Roger Nipper, Susan Sneed, Charles Doane, and Jerry Catron.

The board heard a presentation from William E. Carden, Area Manager/Project Director, Vanir Construction Management, Inc., Chesterfield, Virginia, for consideration of their services as consultants for a study of the Smyth County School System. On motion by Ms. Sneed, seconded by Mrs. Hall, the board voted for the superintendent to contact consulting firm Fanning/Howey Associates, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia, and Vanir Construction Management, Inc., and negotiate with both companies on the cost for conducting a study and bring back the comparison to the board at a future meeting. The motion passed with 5 ayes and 1 nay.

The board received a copy of a letter sent to all schools congratulating them of their excellent performance on the SOL tests.

The board reviewed a draft copy of the 2004-2010 Six-Year Improvement Plan for Smyth County Public Schools.

The board reviewed a draft copy of the "Athletic Facilities and Building Improvement Priorities" as presented by staff.

Pursuant to 2.2-3711 of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, on motion by Mr. Doane, seconded by Mr. Nipper, the board voted unanimously to convene a closed meeting for the purpose of discussing the following specific matters: personnel issues as authorized by 2.2-3711(A)(1) of the Code of Virginia.

On motion by Mrs. Hall, seconded by Mr. Nipper, the board voted unanimously to return to the open meeting.

WHEREAS, the Smyth County School Board has convened a closed meeting on this date pursuant to an affirmative-recorded vote in accordance with the provision of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act; and

WHEREAS, 2.2-3712(D) of the Code of Virginia requires a certification by this school board that such closed meeting was conducted in conformity with Virginia Law:

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Smyth County School Board, by roll call, hereby certifies that, to the best of each member's knowledge (i) only public business matters lawfully exempted from open meeting requirements by Virginia Law were discussed and (ii) only such public business as were identified in the motion by which the closed meeting was convened were heard, discussed, or considered.


Ayes: 6 Nays: 0

Mrs. Clark was absent.

No action was taken on the personnel issues.

On motion by Mr. Nipper, seconded by Ms. Sneed, the board voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting.