Minutes of the March 2, 2010 Smyth County School Board Meeting

The Smyth County School Board met today for a school board retreat at 9:00am, in the board meeting room, 121 Bagley Circle, Suite 300, Marion, Virginia, with all members present.

Dr. Robinson reviewed the present board agenda format and asked if any changes needed to be made.

Dr. Robinson shared information regarding virtual schools.

Rodney Young, an attorney with The Education Law Group, Timberlake, Smith, Thomas & Moses, P.C., provided a PowerPoint presentation and a question and answer period for the board members.

The Culinary Arts Program at the Smyth Career & Technology Center prepared lunch for the board members.

The Board discussed the process for the superintendent and school board evaluations.

The Board discussed the possibility of SCA officers attending board meetings.

Dr. Robinson reviewed the school calendar and days missed.

Dr. Robinson reviewed the latest budget information for the fiscal year 2011 school board budget.

Dr. Robinson introduced a team of architects and engineers from RRMM to the Board.

Dr. Robinson will check on the possibility of the board members having a school board e-mail account.

Dr. Robinson shared that he would be visiting each school to discuss the fiscal year 2011 school board budget.

The retreat adjourned.