Smyth County Public Schools' Technology Resources for New Teachers

The Smyth County Public School system provides a variety of instructional technology resources. Each school is connected to our division Wide Area Network and the Internet at speeds ranging from 50 to 200 megabits/second. Nearly all classrooms are equipped with projectors and document cameras. There is a support staff of 7.5 technicians and instructional technology resource teachers (ITRTs) to help you use technology effectively in your instruction.

ITRT/Technician Assignments

School or ApplicationInstructional Technology Resource TeacherTechnician
Atkins Elementary SchoolPam BoswellTerry Hawthorne
Chilhowie Elementary SchoolMary Lynne MartinEric Schuler
Chilhowie High SchoolPam BoswellEric Schuler
Marion Elementary SchoolMary Lynne MartinJohn King
Marion Middle SchoolCouliette GoodwinLouis Goodbrod
Marion Senior High SchoolCouliette GoodwinLouis Goodbrod
Northwood High SchoolTammy RolenMichael Evans
Northwood Middle SchoolTammy RolenMichael Evans
Oak Point Elementary SchoolMary Lynne MartinJohn King
Rich Valley Elementary SchoolTammy RolenMichael Evans
Saltville Elementary SchoolTammy RolenMichael Evans
Sugar Grove Elementary SchoolPam BoswellTerry Hawthorne
Smyth Career & Technology CenterNAJohn King, Louis Goodbrod
PowerTeacher GradebookNAMichael Evans
Windows Active Directory login and network access issues)NATechnician Serving Your School
Google Apps (email, calendaring, collaboration)NABeth Frye (
Discovery Education United StreamingITRT serving your schoolNA
PowerSchool A&A (formerly Interactive Achievement)ITRT serving your schoolNA
Renaissance Learning (Accelerated Reader, Star Reading)ITRT serving your schoolNA

Google Apps | Windows AD | PowerSchool SIS

Email, Calendaring, and Collaboration Tools

Smyth County Public Schools uses Google Apps, Education Edition for email, calendaring, collaboration, and offering blending instructional resources for students. Google provides unlimited storage space per user. You can access our Google Apps login at:

Valuable Google Tools

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Windows Active Directory Accounts

Smyth County Public Schools uses Windows Active Directory for its LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) services. Your Active Directory (AD) account will enable you to sign into any Windows computer in the school system, except for servers. Your account will provide access to shared resources, such as network storage and networked printers. Our Active Directory accounts are also tied into our Palo Alto Networks firewall and Internet filtering system. The staff filtering profile permits access to some URLs that are accessible to students. Don't share your username and password with anyone and be sure to log out or lock computers when you leave them unattended. If you think your password has been compromised, change it by pressing Control-Alt-Delete, then selecting the Change a Password… option.

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PowerSchool Student Information System

Smyth County Public Schools uses the Pearson PowerSchool student information system to track student enrollments, attendance, grades, course history, and other information. Employees are assigned either a PowerTeacher account, which enables them to enter student attendance and grades, or a PowerSchool admin account, which enables them to access more information. You can access PowerSchool from inside and outside the school system:

Be sure to use a strong password to protect your PowerSchool or PowerTeacher account. You can change your password by selecting the Personalize option under Setup on the main PowerSchool page. See the following screenshot.

Screenshot of PowerSchool Personalize screen.

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Discovery Education United Streaming Video Resources

Each Smyth County School has a subscription to Discovery Education's United Streaming service. Details and passcodes… Note that you can only access this web page from within the Smyth County School System's network, with an employee username and password.

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