Rich Valley High School


       June 30, 2007


Treva Collins P.O. Box 928 Saltville, VA  24370
Mildred Surber
Nyoka Cook 276 496-3330


On Rich Valley, On Rich Valley! 
 Fight them for our fame!  
Show the rest that we're the best!   
And make them fear our name!  
It has been twenty years since Rich Valley High School closed, but our  memories of the friends and  fun we had during our maroon and gold days still linger with us.  The Alumni Association is planning a reunion so we can get together again and talk about the good old days.

                                           What.......Rich Valley High School  Reunion                                            

                   When.......Saturday, June 30, 2007 beginning at 4:00 PM

                                      Where.......Northwood Middle School, the former Rich Valley High School

                                      Who.......All former students and staff of Rich Valley High School


                  Cost: $10.00 per person    

Your help is needed!    There are a lot of Steers out there who are not going to receive this letter because we were unable to get their addresses.   If you know any of these people, will you please send them this letter.  If you need more forms or information, please contact:
Nyoka Cook
PO Box 896
Saltville, VA 24370
phone # 276-496-3330
 Practice up on our song, get yourself a good comfortable chair, and come to the reunion June 30, 2007!! 
We'll sing our song again! 
The Rich Valley Alumni Association
Please return this form with your check  made payable to the Rich Valley Alumni Association by June 1, 2007.
Number Attending: __________
Amount enclosed: _________
Your Name: _____________________________________________
Guest Name(s):___________________________________________________
Year your class  graduated: _______________________

Mail to:  Joyce M Chapman
                4575 Peak Creek Road
                Pulaski, VA 24301
The Rich Valley Farmers Club will begin serving dinner at 4:00 {$10.00 per person}.