Chapter III: Administration

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3.19: Hazard Communication Program (Virginia Safety and Health Codes SIC 20-39)

Smyth County Public Schools Hazard Communication Program operations manual is available in the offices of principals and designees for review by any interested party. Material Safety Data sheets for all hazardous chemicals to which building occupants may be exposed will be kept with the operations manual.

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3.22: Selling, Soliciting, Advertising

Selling, soliciting, or advertising on school grounds and/or at any other place where the business of the school board is conducted, without the express written permission of the superintendent of schools or other authorized school board office personnel, and without the knowledge of appropriate school administrators, is prohibited. Any such selling, soliciting, or advertising, once approved, must be conducted before or after normal working hours and must not interfere with the educational process or the work of school board employees.

Any materials to be distributed must first be approved by the superintendent's office, and distributed only by the school principal or site supervisor, or other designated employee.

All selling, soliciting, or advertising conducted on school grounds must be monetarily advantageous for students and the school operation in general. Individuals or companies involved in selling and soliciting of products that profit the seller and/or company will pay the school a fee of $25.00 per visit, or will provide compensation comparable to this amount through products, services, etc. The acceptance of any benefit as payment other than the $25.00 fee will be left to the discretion of the building principal or designee. Also, any additional building charges that may be incurred due to the selling, soliciting, or advertising will be paid by the seller and/or company. Non-profit organization fundraisers and or collections will be left to the discretion of the building principal or designee. Fundraisers conducted by the school for the benefit of the school/school clubs and athletic teams/and or students are exempt from the $25.00 fee.

All individuals/companies/organizations (profit and non-profit) must have a "Permission to Sell, Solicit, and Advertise Form" approved by the superintendent on file before building visitation. A master list containing the name of approved individuals/companies/organizations will be updated periodically and e-mailed to principals. The building principal reserves the right to deny any approved parties access to his/her building.

Any rewards given to students for participation in sales activities are to be of a monetary (real/actual) value, not of a special privilege nature.

Any individual, company, or agency violating this policy may be banned from selling, soliciting, or advertising on school grounds.

3.23: Marketing of Products/Insurance Plans/Investment Options

The policy of the Smyth County School Board concerning the addition of payroll deduction plans is set for the convenience and savings of employees and for the reasonable and efficient management by the administrative staff and payroll office.

The School Board authorizes payroll deduction for insurance, tax sheltered annuities, and other employee benefit services, if twenty or more employees opt for any of one or more plans marketed by any licensed agent/agency, provided that one common remittance is submitted, and it is demonstrated that fiduciary safeguards are in place if a common remittance is made to other than an insurance carrier.

On October 1 of each year, enrollment under each common remittance will be reviewed. If the number of employees enrolled is less than twenty (20), marketing representatives will be notified that unless at least twenty (20) employees are enrolled by October 1 of the next year, payroll deductions for that plan will be terminated as of January 1 of the ensuing calendar year.

The Smyth County School Board does not recommend nor endorse any individual plan proposed for payroll deduction. This disclaimer must be displayed on all company information provided for school board employees in an enrollment campaign.

All marketing and/or promotional information which a company agent or marketing representative wishes to distribute to school board employees must be provided for review and approval to the superintendentís office no less than thirty (30) days prior to distribution. Upon written notification from the superintendentís office, school principals and site supervisors may distribute information to employees through internal mail.

Upon receipt of the express written permission of the superintendent of schools or other authorized school board office personnel, school principals and site supervisors may arrange for marketing representatives to meet with groups of employees, provided employee attendance is voluntary and any such meetings are held during other than normal working hours. Principals and site supervisors are required to take such steps as are necessary to preclude marketing representatives having access to school board employees during normal working hours.

Any individual, company, or agency violating this policy, the provisions of 3.22, Selling, Soliciting, Advertising, or 3.21, Visitors, may be banned by the school board from further marketing activities, and the school board may authorize the discontinuance of payroll deductions for plans marketed by the agent/agency in violation of school board policy.

3.24: Distribution of Outside Communications/Materials (Secs. 22.1-70, 22.1-78, 22.1-293(B-D))

Students and employees of the school division are to be protected from intrusions on their time by announcements, posters, bulletins, and communications of any kind from individuals and organizations not directly connected with the schools.

Communications to parents and other citizens sent home by students as a means of mass communication carry the implication of endorsement by school personnel and the school board. Such communications shall be carefully reviewed by the principal and/or superintendent before permission is granted for distribution.

The school board prohibits the distribution of materials or information which publicly endorses or supports groups, organizations, and individuals involved in a commercial endeavor for profit or political campaigns.

Materials shall be distributed or made available in the schools, or on school property at reasonable times and locations and shall be made in a reasonable manner as determined by the administrator at each school.

The principals and the superintendent are expected to interpret this policy strictly. Each principal is to review carefully requests to distribute materials, pamphlets, notices, and other communications; and if in doubt, shall seek permission from the superintendent of schools or his designated agent. If doubt exists at this level as to whether distribution should be made, permission shall be denied until disposition of the matter is made by the school board.

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