Smyth County School Board New Policy Manual

The Smyth County School Board is in the process of revising its policy manual. As new policies are adopted by the School Board, they will be added to this manual. During this transition period, both the old and new policy manuals will be in effect. The most recently adopted policy takes precedence.

Please note that you can view subsections of each major section of the policy manual by clicking the + symbol. To hide the subsections, click the - symbol.

+ - Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

+ - Section B: School Board Governance and Operations

+ - Section C: General School Administration

+ - Section D: Fiscal Management

+ - Section E: Support Services

+ - Section F: Facilities Development

+ - Section G: Personnel

+ - Section I: Instruction

+ - Section J: Students

+ - Section K: School-Community Relations

+ - Section L: Education Agency Relations