Wellness Policy

I. Policy Statement

The Smyth County School Board recognizes the link between student health and learning and desires to provide a comprehensive program promoting healthy eating and physical activity in our students.

II. Goals

The Smyth County School Board has established the following goals to promote student wellness.

Nutrition Education

Physical Activity

Other School-Based Activities

The Smyth County School Board highly values the health and wellness of every student and staff member. Activities are provided that support personal efforts for every staff member and student to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Under the direction of the Smyth County School Board, School Health Services provides or assists with the following services for the staff and/or students of Smyth County Schools.

  1. In cooperation with Smyth County Community Hospital, VHSL physicals are provided to students in grades 9-12. For those who choose to participate, these physicals are provided free of charge.
  2. Project Right Start is a program provided by the Smyth County Community Foundation. The goal is to provide nutrition education to school staff, elementary school children, and their parents. A monthly newsletter is provided as well as programs on smoking and nutrition.
  3. The Commonwealth of Virginia mandated screenings for students are performed within the guidelines set up by the Code of Virginia. Appropriate referrals are then completed for height, weight, hearing, vision and dental.
  4. The Smyth County Health Department provides the services of a dentist and a dental assistant to the students of Smyth County Schools. A dental trailer is moved from one school to another during the school year to provide dental care and fluoride treatments.
  5. The mobile health clinic is a van used by the division nurses to provide health services to the staff and students of Smyth County Schools. It is staffed as needed by the seven (7) school nurses and a nurse practitioner. The services provided include athletic physicals, health maintenance physical, and physicals requested for special education referrals. The van is also used to provide additional services to staff around the district such as flu shots and health profiles.
  6. Flu vaccines are given to staff members once a year in the fall for those that are interested.
  7. Health Profiles (lab work including cholesterol, blood sugar and thyroid screenings) are offered to employees in cooperation with the Smyth County Community Hospital.
  8. School Health Services cooperates with the Smyth County Health Department in tracking communicable diseases, influenza and influenza like illnesses to monitor the health status of our students.
  9. Individual classroom activities are provided by the school nurses to the students for nutrition, health and hygiene as requested by teachers.
  10. Blood borne pathogens training is given to the staff on a yearly basis. CPR and first aid training are also offered for staff members.

A sufficient amount of time is allowed for students to eat meals in adequate lunchroom facilities.

All children who participate in subsidized food programs are able to obtain food in a non-stigmatizing manner.

School staff members are encouraged to model healthy eating behaviors.

The school system explores wellness program offerings as they become available; e.g., discounted rate for school employees at the Lifetime Wellness Center.

Nutrition Guidelines

III. Implementation

The Wellness Committee (Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Director of Human Resources and Auxiliary Services, and School Health Coordinator) are responsible for overseeing the implementation of this policy and developing procedures for evaluating the wellness policy, including indicators that are used to measure its success.