Smyth Career & Technology Center

SCTC Mission Statement

"The mission of Smyth Career and Technology Center is to provide the highest quality learning experience through the incorporation of applied learning and the integration of academic and technical subjects. We prepare our students for industry credentialing, licensing and/or post-secondary education while sumultaneously equipping them with life and work readiness skills."

SCTC History

Smyth Career and Technology Center is located on a beautiful twelve acre site at Seven Mile Ford, Virginia, directly off of Interstate 81, Exit 39. The school opened its doors to 142 students from Chilhowie High School, Marion Senior High School, R.B. Worthy High School, and Rich Valley High School on August 26, 1971. Dr. J. Leonard Mauck, former Smyth County Superintendent of schools, and Mr. Jerry Hicks, Principal of the school from 1971-1975, developed and directed the program during these formative years.

The school began with just a handful of courses offered, but as popularity of the school rose, additional courses were quickly added. In 1978, a 35,000 square foot addition to the school was completed. Currently, SCTC has enrollment of 330 students in 14 trade areas. In addition, SCTC is moving somewhat from its traditional vocational curriculum and including high-level engineering courses utilizing the highest technology available. The Smyth Career and Technology Center has truly become a wonderful institution for learning.