Benefits of Joining Project Lead The Way

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) benefits everyone: parents, teachers, the fields of mathematics and science, and most importantly, students. Through PLTW, students receive:

Students can have a lucrative career in the fields of mathematics and science, achieving personal success and applying their skills and talents where they find the most inspiration. PLTW challenges young minds to reach their full potential through exciting courses and projects with real-world applications of classroom concepts.

PLTW takes mathematics and science out of the confined realm textbooks and into the challenges of the real world, demonstrating to students the endless possibilities that are before them.

Through the Gateway To Technology, Pathway To Engineering and Biomedical Sciences programs, students are introduced to mathematics and science concepts in a relevant, riveting manner that teaches them to reach beyond their classroom and into the real world.

Studies have shown that PLTW students become the prepared, competent high-tech employees U.S. industries need to succeed. Mathematics and science are huge fields, and thousands of career openings are waiting for students with the right skills and dedication to fill those positions and move our national future forward.