Updating SOL Mastery Records in PowerSchool


The Virginia Department of Education requires schools to maintain records of K-3 students' mastery of mathematics and reading Standards of Learning. We are meeting this requirement by tracking that mastery within our student information system, PowerSchool. There are several steps involved in this process:

  1. Enter the K-3 reading and mathematics Standards of Learning into PowerSchool's standards repository. This task has been completed by Central Office staff.
  2. Set up PowerSchool mathematics and reading courses for grades K-3. These courses serve as containers for the math and reading standards within PowerSchool. This task has been completed by Central Office staff.
  3. Set up PowerSchool mathematics and reading course sections for each K-3 teacher's class and assign the teacher's students to those sections. Each elementary school's clerical staff is responsible for completing this task.
  4. Set each student's SOL mastery record to Y (for mastered). Central Office staff complete this task by importing records for each student after the school's clerical staff has set up the mathematics and reading sections. The mastery record is like a grade for the Standard of Learning. The only grades assigned are Y for mastered or N for not mastered. This step eliminates the need for teachers to have to manually assign SOL mastery records for students who have mastered the SOLs. Teachers only have to enter records for those students who fail to master specific SOLs.
  5. Each K-3 teacher uses PowerTeacher to change the mastery record to N for any student who has not mastered a particular SOL by the end of the school year.

Instructions for Changing Mastery Records in PowerTeacher

The following method will only work while school is in session. If the school year has ended, you must use the PowerTeacher gradebook to change the SOL mastery records.

  1. Log into PowerTeacher using the same username and password you use when you take attendance.
  2. If your school has created math and reading sections for your students, you will see them listed along with your homeroom section.

    PowerTeacher screen shot of student classes.

  3. Click the backpack icon for either the math or reading section. PowerTeacher will display a list of your students.
  4. Click the name of a student whose mastery record you need to change from Y to N.
  5. Select the Final Grade Entry (Standards) screen from the Select Screens dropdown list.

    PowerTeacher screen shot of student select screens dropdown list.

  6. Change the mastery record from Y to N for each SOL not mastered by the student. You can also enter an optional comment. Be sure to click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.

    PowerTeacher screenshot of standards grade entry screen.