Marion Senior High School Agriculture Classes Care for Calves

Students in Marion Senior High School's agriculture classes are getting hands-on experience in farm animal care this year. The Ethan Richardson family, who operate a dairy farm in Sugar Grove, donated two calves to the school: George and Finn. The students enrolled in Ms. Carly Crutchfield's agriculture classes have been responsible for the feeding and care of the calves. The students have learned important aspects of animal care such as nutrition, grooming, and animal health. The students are also responsible for caring for a small flock of chickens.
George is a Jersey breed calf. Jersey dairy cows are known for the butterfat in the milk they produce, giving a characteristically rich taste. (Think of the way that Duchess Dairy Milk tastes!). Finn is a cross between a Holstein and Angus. Holsteins are known for their high milk production. Their milk is not as rich tasting as Jerseys but their milk production is much higher. Holsteins are the most popular breed of dairy cow used in the United States.

Future Plans for George and Finn

George will be donated to a student who is completing her FFA SAE (Future Farmers of America Supervised Agricultural Experience) project in calf care and showing. Finn will be sold. Proceeds from the sale will go back into the MSHS FFA fund in order to fund future projects in the agriculture program.