School Board

The Smyth County School Board is an elected body responsible for setting the overall policy and direction of the school system. Members are elected to four-year terms. Each member represents a specific geographic area of Smyth County, as indicated by the following table.

The School Board meets the second Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the school board meeting room on the third floor of the Smyth County Office Building, 121 Bagley Circle, Marion.


District Board Member Email Phone
Atkins (12/2023) Susan B. Williams, Vice Chairperson [email protected] 276-686-5321
Chilhowie (12/2025) Todd Williams [email protected] 864-237-2849
North Fork (12/2023) Charles "Mac" Buchanan, Jr. [email protected] 276-782-0301
Park (12/2023) Dr. Kyle Rhodes [email protected] 276-782-2586
Royal Oak (12/2025) Dr. Paul Grinstead [email protected] 276-685-9138
Rye Valley (12/2023) Jesse Choate, Chairman [email protected] 276-677-3293
Saltville (12/2024) Joseph Johnson [email protected] 276-525-0784