Information for Parents Planning to Provide Home Instruction for Their Child

If you intend to home-school your child during the coming school year, please complete the following Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction and return it to:
Smyth County School Board               or               Smyth County School Board
Attn: Beth Frye                                                           Attn: Dr. Kimberly Williams
121 Bagley Circle, Suite 300                                     121 Bagley Circle, Suite 300
Marion, VA 24354                                                       Marion, VA 24354
Email: [email protected]                                      Email: [email protected]
Phone: (276)783-3791  ext. 2290                            Phone: (276) 783-3791  ext. 2280
Fax: (276)783-3291                                                     Fax: (276) 783-3291