Important Notice About Battery Care for iPads and Chromebooks

iPads and Chromebooks both use rechargeable batteries. These batteries can normally be recharged 1,000 times or more over their lifetime. That battery life can be substantially reduced, however, if the battery is not allowed to fully charge. For example, letting the battery run completely down, then recharging it for a brief amount of time (5-10 minutes), then letting it run down again, and repeating that cycle can shorten the life of the battery to a couple of months. We have already seen this happen with several devices we have provided to students.
To ensure the maximum life for your iPad or Chromebook, please connect it to its charger at night and let it fully charge. A full charge will last for 8-12 hours. To maximize its battery life, you should close apps you are not using, especially on an iPad, and not charge other devices, such as cell phones, by connecting them to your device.
You can find more information on caring for your iPad's battery here. For information on how to close apps, see this website.