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Student Medical Forms

If your child has a medical condition that might require a plan of care at school, please find those forms below. Such conditions could include asthma, life threatening allergies, diabetes, seizures, dietary needs, recent injuries, or other special health needs.

If your child is receiving continued medical care by a licensed healthcare provider and requires assistance during the school day, please have your child’s provider complete the appropriate form. Notify the school nurse in your child’s school at your earliest convenience.

Also listed below are medication forms. Please administer medications at home when possible. If your child must take medication during the school day, please have their provider complete the authorization form. The form may be faxed to the school nurse or brought in with the medication. Over the counter medications may be brought in for your child as needed and will require your authorization to be given.

 All medication must be brought in by a parent/guardian and must be in the original container. Please do not send medications to school with your child. 

Our goal is to provide a safe, secure environment for your child, which includes care for any medical conditions that might affect his/her well-being during the school day.

Thank you for your cooperation regarding this matter.  If you have any questions please feel free to call your child’s school principal, school nurse, or Susan Hoagland, RN, School Health Coordinator, at (276)783-8865, ext. 2262.